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The Saudi factory for insulation panel and display cases ( Sandwish Panel Factory , SPF ) , is the newly born producer/manufa-cturer in the industry of expanded polyurethane (pu) foam of sandwich panel .
it is the latest fruit of "Supply Trading Group " since if was established in 1970 . SPF factory was opened and operating since the beginning of this year , 1999 . the goal of its activities , the product begin produced is to serve all the consumers throughout the kingdom and as well as the whole part of the Middle East of high Quality products .
STG begin the mother company of SPF has a big share and participation during the early development of the kingdom particularly in the booming business of supply and installations of cold stores , Super market equipments , and industrial kitchen equipments .
therefore , we could say that our position in the market is " very strong and we consider our group as one of the leading partner and winner " in the continuous development of the kingdom.
According to the knowledge of our long experience of the market , the best indicator we always believe is as long as the world's temperature keeps high and the human population increases ,the demand of cold rooms is always high .
Polyurethane foam is the best insulant begin used in the field of refrigeration in preserving foods.
The advantage of SPF sandwich panel is friendly environment without CFC components begin used . Installation wise, SPF panels was developed and improved , the connection between tongueand groover is almost at "Zero" clearance .
the airtightness of the room is 100% sealed . leakage of cooling load . the good news of spf product is the "coefficient of thermal conductivity" is very low compared to other insulation materials .
Furthermore , the technologies of spf production line were acquired among the famous international companies in the world . it was imported from three know big manufacturers of Finland .
similar machines were successfully installed in the modern countries like Finland ,Germany, United State of America , Russia and china .